September 2021 Prayer Diary

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WED 1  Heavenly Father, we commit to you the ministers and congregations of the Offa Mission Area, and ask that you may bless and guide those attending in their discussions and decisions.  We give thanks for our Mission Area Leader and pray that you will bless her in her retirement.

THURS 2  Lord God, we give thanks for the Mission Direct Charity which  St. Mary’s supports , and ask that you will watch over and bless those who work for the organisation and the people it seeks to help.

FRID 3  Loving Lord, we pray for the future happiness of the couple being married at St. Mary’s today , and ask that their day will prove a joyful one for them and all their guests.

SAT 4  As we come, yet again, to the start of another month, we give thanks , Lord, for the blessings you have showered upon us and which are so easy to take for granted. We pray though for those people for whom life is full of fear, loss, sorrow, pain and abuse, who suffer oppression, hunger and homelessness. May they come to know your blessing and find restoration of life and hope. Guide the leaders of nations to make the right decisions to help those in need.

SUN 5 Almighty God, we pray for your blessing on the congregation of St. David’s in Fron; be with them in their timesof worship and in their daily lives.  We pray too for the members who are unable to attend services. We also pray for your Holy Spirit to guide the deliberations at the Church Committee meeting after today’s service.

 MON 6  Thou, my soul’s healer, keep me even, I am tired, astray, and stumbling, shield Thou me from snare and sin.  Ancient Celtic Prayer

TUES 7  Almighty Father, may your blessing rest on all who live in Colliery Road, Chirk.

WED 8  Let us pray for the staff and pupils and their families as our local schools return for a new school year: for confidence and well-being, and for a successful management of lessons and activities.

THURS 9  Lord, we bring before you our vicar, curate and those who also help our worship. May they be blessed , guided and inspired in all they do for our churches.

FRID 10  Almighty God, we pray for your guidance as we gradually begin to readjust our services and community life as the Covid 19 situation changes. Grant us the wisdom, the confidence and energy we need to move forward happily and safely.

SAT 11  Lord,we pray for Dawn Jones as she is licensed as Pastoral Chaplain for the Offa Mission Area, and ask that you will bless her richly in her new ministry. We give thanks for her calling.

We also ask for your blessing, O God, on the couple renewing their wedding vows at St. Mary’s today.  We give thanks for the years which they have shared together and ask that the years ahead will be truly blessed.  

SUN 12  Education Sunday  On this day, let us thank God for all dedicated to helping people, young and old, to learn, and ask for His blessing on them.  Let us pray too for the individuals and organisations involved in teaching people about our faith and helping them to come to know Christ, and ask that opportunities and resources will be available for their work.

MON 13  For the fruits of his creation,/thanks be to God;/for his gifts to ev’ry nation,/thanks be to God;/for the ploughing, sowing, reaping,/silent growth while we are sleeping,/future needs in earth’s safe-keeping,/thanks be to God.

TUES 14  Today the church remembers the Holy Cross and we give thanks for Christ’s self-sacrificing dedication to His mission for you, Lord, and its symbol of your victory over evil, and forgiveness of our sins. May we never forget all that we owe to you and your Son our Saviour Jesus Christ.

WED 15  Lord, may your Holy Spirit watch over St. Mary’s Church Committee meeting this evening, guiding decisions and showing the representatives the way you want your church to move forward.

THURS 16  Lord, we pray for the people who run businesses , large and small, in the area of Chirk and Fron.  We pray that their efforts will be rewarded and their concerns succeed, especially if Covid 19 has had a severe impact upon them.

FRID 17  Almighty God our Father, when we sometimes think that there are few signs of light at the end of the tunnel and we are aware of life’s uncertainty and our vulnerability, may we remember that we are surrounded by the light of your eternal and unchanging presence and can call upon your strength to help us move forward.

SAT 18  Loving Lord God, we bring before you the people we know who are unwell, whether in body, mind or spirit, and the patients cared for in our local hospitals and Health Centre. May they know your healing touch and find new wholeness.  Be with all the staff who are carrying out your healing work.

SUN 19  Thank you, O God, for our organists whose playing has helped to make our services seem more normal and worshipful. May they know your blessing.

MON 20  Tomorrow is an International Day of Prayer for Peace. So let us pray for peace and greater understanding and harmony in our troubled world- between nations, religions, within countries , tribal reconciliations, and peace in families.  And for God’s peace in our hearts.

TUES 21  St. Matthew  O God, thank you for St. Matthew and for his willingness to change his life and follow Jesus and serve him. We ask that you will help us change our lives and attitudes where necessary so that we might be worthy of being called a disciple of Christ.

WED 22  Lord, we pray for the members of the clergy attending this afternoon’s St. Asaph Clergy Synod. Thank you for their ministry and love for you.  May your blessing rest on the meeting and make it a fruitful time of fellowship.

THURS 23  O God, may your Holy Spirit rest on all at the Wrexham Clergy Synod today, guiding and heartening the members and directing their discussions and decisions.

FRID 24  Thank you, O Lord, for the staff at Chirk Court.  We pray for them and all they do to ensure the well-being of the residents. Bless the latter too, that they might know joy and peace of mind.

SAT 25   But the Lord said to SamueI, ‘Do not look on his appearance or the height of his stature, because I have rejected him; for the Lord does not see as mortals see; they look on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.’  Sam 16.7

SUN 26  Heavenly Father, we bring before you the congregation of St. Mary’s, that you may watch over its people and bless them.  We pray for our members who have not been able to attend services over the past months and who might not feel able to do so for a while.

MON 27  Lord, may your blessing rest on all who live along Bourne Terrace in Fron.

TUES 28  Thank you, Heavenly Father, for the people in our community who run activities for the young people in our area or provide help and guidance for them.  Please sustain them in their important work.

WED 29  Lord God, we commit to your loving care the St. Mary’s Toddlers Group- the children and their families , and the team who so ably run the group.

THURS 30  Let us commit to God all whom we know who have recently been bereaved and all who remember loved ones who died some time ago, asking our loving Lord to comfort and strengthen them in their sadness.

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