June 2024 Prayer Diary

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SAT 1  O Lord God, we pray today for those who belong to our churches but are prevented by infirmity or illness from attending worship. May they receive the support they need from the congregations and know your presence with them in a special way.

SUN 2  Heavenly Father, we ask for your blessing on the Family Services this morning and pray that families who attend might be encouraged in their faith.

 MON 3 World Environment Day  Creator God, we give thanks for your world, and pray that you will guide us as we seek to look after its different environments and be mindful of the needs of the people who live in them and depend upon them as well as the preservation of the native  flora and fauna . Thank you for those at St. Mary’s who lead the way in making our church an eco-friendly place. Please bless them and all who work to care for the world.

TUES 4  Ask, and it will be given you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you. For everyone who asks receives, and everyone who searches, finds, and for everyone who knocks, the door will be opened.  Matthew 7:7-8

WED 5  Heavenly Father, we ask you to be with the Churchwardens and Sub-wardens of our two churches as they carryout their valuable work for our communities. Grant them the support, time, energy and health they need in their demanding calling.

THURS 6  Lord, we pray that the Holy Spirit will guide and encourage the members of St. David’s church at their Committee Meeting this evening.

FRID 7  Let us pray for a successful fund-raising event at St. David’s Summer Fair taking place tomorrow in Fron, and give thanks to God  for the team providing the refreshments and running the stalls.

SAT 8  Thank you, O Lord, for St. Mary’s Churchyard Group and their wonderful work; please bless all they do and  their Plant Sale this morning at the church.

SUN 9  Let us give thanks for our organists and other musicians who enable us to praise you through music and song. May God bless them in their important work.

MON 10  Lord God, may your blessing rest on all who live in Derwen Close in Chirk.

TUES 11 ST. BARNABAS  Bountiful God, giver of all gifts, who poured your Spirit upon your servant Barnabas and gave him grace to encourage others: help us, by his example, to be generous in our judgements and unselfish in your service; through Jesus Christ  your Son our Lord, who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen  (Collect for the day)

WED 12  Heavenly Father, we bring before you the ministers and congregations of the Offa Mission Area and pray that your Holy Spirit will inspire and guide them in their worship and mission within their communities. We pray especially for our minister and curate and ask you to bless them in all they do.

THURS 13  Lord, we ask you to bless and inspire all in our churches who plan the social events and who devote time and energy to their success. Thank you for their important contribution to our community life and church funds.

FRID 14  O God, we pray for the pupils of our local schools, especially those who are finding things difficult at home or school; grant wisdom to the staff and governors as they seek to provide a good education and effective care for their charges. May our churches be a real help to these communities.

SAT 15  Take care not knowingly to do or say anything which, if everyone were to know of it, you could not own, and say, ‘Yes, this is what I did, or what I said.’ Louis 1X of France 1214-1270

SUN 16  Fathers’ Day  On this day, Heavenly Father, we commit to you all fathers and ask that they will receive the guidance and support they need, especially if they are experiencing problemsin their role, or facing loss because of the death of a child or marriage or partnership break up.

MON 17 Loving Lord God, we commit to you those whom we know who are ill in body, mind or spirit, that they might know your healing presence.  Help them to cope with long-term pain or weakness and with long waits for appointments and treatment.

TUES 18   Thank you, Lord, for the members of our Town Councils; please guide and encourage them in their important work for our communities.

WED 19  Lord, we pray for all involved in preparing for this year’s International Eisteddfod in Llangollen and ask that arrangements go smoothly and that participants are able to travel safely to Wales and enjoy their stay.

THURS 20 World Refugee Day  Lord God, how grateful we are for our own homes and the places where we live; we pray for all who through war, disaster and misfortune have had to abandon homes, jobs and countries, all that is familiar and of value. Help them to cope in the traumas of refugee camps, the rigours of travel ,or with rejection where they hoped to find security and safety.

FRID 21 When I needed a neighbour,/were you there, were you there?/When I needed a neighbour, were you there?…And the creed and the colour/and the name won’t matter, /were you there?…Wherever you travel, /I’ll be there, I’ll be there,/wherever you travel,/I’ll be there.   And the creed and the colour /and the name won’t matter,/I’ll be there.

SAT 22  We commit to you, Lord, all who run hotels and catering establishments in our area. May they enjoy a successful season and help visitors to fully appreciate the beauties of the countryside, and all our towns and villages have to offer.

SUN 23  Thank you, Lord, for all who help administer the Chalice at our services of Holy Eucharist.  May they know your blessing in this special and humbling task.

MON 24  BIRTH OF JOHN THE BAPTIST As we celebrate the birth of John and his life of austerity in the service of God and His kingdom, let us ask God to help us to be ready to give things up,  to lead a simpler life, if he calls us to a particular task which needs self-denial.

TUES 25  Loving Lord, we pray for the happiness and well-being of the residents and staff of Chirk Court . May our churches prove sources of support and pleasure to them.

WED 26 Victims of Torture Day  O God of justice and mercy, we commit to you all in the world who suffer the physical and mental pains of torture. Grant them the courage and strength they need, and empower the people who are doing their best to rescue them and relieve their suffering.

THURS 27  We pray, Lord, for a happy and successful Chirk Carnival, and give thanks for the organisers and all taking part. May the presence of our local churches prove a valuable feature.

FRID 28   We pray, O God, for your blessing on all who live along Yr Ochr in Fron.

SAT 29  SAINTS PETER AND PAUL  Thank you, Lord, for the lives and missions of Peter and Paul who helped found your Holy Church; Help us in our own small way to keep the Church going and bring more people into its family and to knowledge of your saving love.

SUN 30  O God, we give you thanks for the staff of Chirk Library: please bless them and their valuable work for our community.

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