Prayer Diary October 2020

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Prayer diary written by Hilary Prescott:

THURS 1  Heavenly Father, we bring before you all who live in Hadley Close, Chirk, and ask for your blessing to rest upon them.

FRID 2  Let us pray for all who have used the caravan park by Chirk Castle this year and all who run the site, and we pray that the site will do well in the year ahead.

SAT 3 Tomorrow is Animal Welfare Sunday, so we pray, Creator God, for all organisations, large and small, which are dedicated to looking after animals –those on farms, pets and wild creatures. We give thanks for their dedication and their labours and pray that they will receive the resources they need to continue their vital work.

SUN 4  Heavenly Father, we give thanks for all farmers and food producers and pray that you will bless their work. We ask that their harvest might be truly fruitful. We pray too for farmers here and abroad and those involved in subsistence farming where the climate has badly affected their crops and livestock. May they receive the help and guidance they need to improve their situation.

MON 5  Thank you, O Lord, for all who serve on our Town council; we ask you to guide and bless them and all they do to help the community thrive.

TUES 6  Loving Lord God, we commend to you all who are bereaved,  that they might be comforted and strengthened by your Holy Spirit and receive the support they need from the people around them. We pray for your blessing on our local funeral directors and their work.

WED 7  Love is his word, love is his way,/feasting with all, fasting alone,/living and dying, rising again,/love only love , is his way.

Richer than gold is the love of my Lord:/better than splendour and wealth.

THURS 8  Heavenly Father, we pray for the people in our area who are housebound and ask that they might find the support they need and the contact with others they might long for. We pray for those who are a long way from their friends and relatives or who are no longer in contact with those whom they love.

FRID 9 We give thanks, O Lord, for our Church secretaries and all that they do to keep our churches running smoothly and effectively and to keep us all in touch with each other and with the Church as a whole.

SAT 10  Lord God, we bring before you the ministers and congregations of the Offa Mission Area and ask that they might be encouraged and guided in their witness and mission as the churches seek to testify to your love in these difficult times.

SUN 11 Today is Homeless Sunday, so let us pray for the homeless in our area and for a continuation in the future of the good work done for them by our Mission Area churches and local charities and organisations. Lord, we know that you love and care for each one of these people without a place to call their own, and we ask that that they might find strong support and new hope, and where necessary, a new resolution to change any lifestyle which has kept them from fulfilling their potential.

MON 12 In this Prisons Week, Lord, we pray for all prisoners and for the support they need to help them change their lives for the better; we pray for government help for any changes needed in the system. And we bring before you all prisoners who round the world are kept in dreadful conditions and often are there without good cause . We pray for the staff and men in HMP Berwyn and give thanks that there are people willing to work in prisons either professionally or as volunteers.

TUES 13  O Heavenly Father, we have missed St. Mary’s Mini Markets this year and we pray that in the future they will resume . Thank you for the people who work so hard to organise the events and whose help brings much pleasure to so many local people.

WED 14  Let us commend to God the staff and patients of our local hospitals and ask that the Healing power of His spirit might rest upon those who do His work and that patients might find new healing and hope.  Let us also pray for friends and families who may find it difficult to cope with the fact that they are perhaps not allowed the contact with their loved ones which they feel is needed.

THURS 15  Loving Lord God, we ask for your blessing on all who live along School Lane in Fron.

FRID 16 I used to ask God to help me. Then I asked if I might help him. I ended up by asking him to do his work through me.    

When God wants to do his great works he trains somebody to be quiet enough and little enough and then uses that person. 

Depend upon it! God’s work done in God’s way will never lack God’s supply.   James Hudson Taylor 1932-1905 English medical missionary and founder of the China Inland Mission

SAT 17  Thank you, Heavenly Father, for those who have provided the music for our services over the past years, and the pleasure which they have given. We are also grateful for the hymns provided online each Sunday,and for the fact that ourorganist in Chirk was able to play for our worship in September onwards. We are grateful, Lord, for the time, effort and skill providing these benefits to our worship.

SUN 18 St Luke  Lord,  we appreciate the ministry of St. Luke and his role in the founding of the early church, both as writer and traveller. Yet today we also remember him as Patron Saint of medicine and on this Healthcare Sunday so pray now for the effective development of the Health service on our country, for your guidance as to the best use of financial and human resources and better links between medical care and care of patients at home and in care and nursing homes. Thank you, Lord, for all whom you call to tend to the physical and mental needs of your children here and abroad, and we ask you to bless them in their work.

MON 19 Let us give thanks for all who work for the Fire Service, especially in our area, and ask God to keep them safe and to guide them in the important work they do to help people and animals and save buildings when disaster strikes in any way.

TUES 20 As Covid19 is still with us, we commit to you , O Lord, all who work in our schools- for courage, wisdom and sensitivity as they encourage children in their learning and deal also with anxious families and with changing rules and regulations.

WED 21 Heavenly Father, we pray for the members of our Church committees, giving thanks for their willingness to serve our churches. We pray that you will help and guide  them as they seek to continue to help our communities thrive.

THURS 22 O Lord our Saviour, we pray for all whom we know who are ill, all who are unwell in our area and for patients cared for by our local hospitals and Health Centre. We ask that your healing power may rest upon them and restore them to wholeness. We pray especially for people whose health has been adversely affected by delays caused by emphasis on dealing with the virus.

FRID 23  Lord, we bring before you the staff and residents of Chirk Court, praying for their safety and happiness. Be with all who have felt extra lonely and confused because of their lack of visitors whom they know and love.  Thank you for all the staff have done to minimise any deleterious effects.

SAT  24  On this UN Day, Almighty God, we pray for the United Nations, for real understanding and unity amongst nations , and the courage and power to deal honourably and effectively with leaders and countries which seek to deny people their right to live safe and fulfilling lives. We ask for your wisdom and guidance for the leaders, for you are the creator and ruler of our world.

SUN  25  Bible Sunday  Heavenly Father, we give thanks for the Bible and the way it challenges, guides and comforts us and shows us more about you and your care for us. We pray for all organisations which bring the Bible to those in need and so help transform their lives: grant them the resources they need to do this. Help us to read it more and to understand what you are trying to say to us through its words.

MON  26  Bless the Lord, O my soul.  O Lord my God, how excellent is your greatness.

You are clothed with majesty and honour, wrapped in light as a garment.

O Lord, how manifold are your works! In wisdom you have made them all; the earth is full of your creatures. Psalm 104 1,2,26

TUES  27  Let us pray for all the young people in our area, especially for those who face poverty, unemployment and difficulties at home or work. We also ask you to guide all who seek to help them and turn their lives around.

WED 28  Lord, we give thanks for all voluntary workers , those whose concern for others and willingness to give up their own time and energy help transform lives and organisations.  We pray that you will protect and empower all who are able to carry on with their roles in difficult conditions.

THURS 29  Let us pray for all who work in our local catering businesses, giving thanks for all they have done to help people cope during lockdowns and in restricted circumstances. We pray for your blessing on them and their work and pray for the continued success of their businesses.

FRID 30  Heavenly Father, we know that our churches need constant funding to help keep them going, especially as our Quotas and running costs continue to take up money. We pray that we might be ready to give what we can to help them keep going, particularly as there is not income from our usual successful fund-raising efforts.

SAT 31 On this Halloween, we pray for all who have been caught up in the Occult, especially when they are uneasy about the future and their safety in these difficult times and so turn to it as an attempt to restore a sense of control in their lives. We , Lord, can feel anxious too, but thank you that we know that your light ultimately shines in the darkness and in your presence is hope and peace. May all who do not know you come to recognise your love and power.

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