October 2022 Prayer Diary

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Prayer diary written by Hilary Prescott.

SAT 1 Tomorrow is Animal Welfare Sunday, so let us give thanks for all vets, and charities and organisations concerned with the care and preservation of all creatures, asking for God’s blessing on them and their work.

SUN 2  We praise you, O God, for the bounty of the earth, and give thanks for the people who provide the means of ensuring we have our food and drink, not only the growers but factory workers , shop workers and the people who drive the vans and lorries. We pray for your blessing to rest on the congregations of St. David’s and St. Mary’s today as we celebrate your gifts and those who distribute them. We give thanks for Pentre School who are joining St. Mary’s today.

MON 3  Lord, we pray for the Harvest Supper taking place in Chirk this evening, and the opportunity for fellowship and celebration of your good gifts.Creator of the world, we pray too for all farmers and horticulturalists in our area, especially as they struggle with difficult weather conditions. May they be successful in their work.  We also bring before you farmers in other countries facing the ravages of severe drought and flooding and uncertain seasons; may they receive the support and guidance they need.

TUES 4  Heavenly Father, we pray for your blessing on all who live in Richmond Gardens, Chirk.

WED 5  Lord, we pray for all leading today’s Celtic Service, that you will inspire them, and commit to you everyone attending, that your peace and joy will fill their hearts. We also pray for the success of the Diocesan Conference taking place on Saturday.

THURS 6 Almighty God, we thank you for all who belong to St. Mary’s Social Committee: for their hard work and commitment on behalf of our community.  Please bless them and give them the ideas, time and energy they need.

 FRID 7  O Loving Lord God, we commit to you those  in our communities who are housebound: please help them in any isolation, frustration and sadness they might feel and grant them the support they need.

SAT 8  Please be patient, those of you who have found a rock to stand on, with those of us who haven’t and with those of us who are not even looking for one.  We live on the wave’s edge, where sea and sky are all mixed up together: we are tossed head over heels in the surf, catching only occasional glimpses of any fixed horizons. Some of us stay there from choice because it is exciting and it feels like the right place to be.

Philip Rack  Quaker writer

SUN 9  Almighty Father, we  bring before you Offa Mission Area. Please bless and guide the ministers of the churches and their congregations as they seek to bring Faith, Love and Hope to their communities. We pray too for the Bishop of St. Asaph and his calling and ask that the Holy Spirit might also empower our Mission Area Leader in her work. We also commit to you the Mission Area Conference on Wednesday.

MON 10  As yesterday was Homelessness Sunday, let us pray for all who no longer have a home of their own to go to and ask that they might soon find a place to rest and also help with any problems which might have helped to cause their situation. As it was also Safeguarding Sunday, let us also commit to God all involved in ensuring vulnerable people in our churches are kept safe, and those organising and attending special training sessions.

TUES 11 Lord God, we pray for everyone who lives along School Lane in Fron.

WED 12  Thank you, O Lord, for our Pastoral Visitors and Pastoral Chaplain. Please bless and guide them as they offer help and fellowship to parishioners.

THURS 13  Heavenly Father, we pray that all attending this morning’s Holy Eucharist at St. Mary’s might know your presence with them and be empowered tocope with life in a new and confident way.

FRID 14  Loving Lord God, we bring before you all who are bereaved, that they might know your comfort and strength. May today’s Good Hope Cafe help all who come along. We pray for those attending tomorrow’s Service of The Burial of Ashes .

SAT 15 Lord, thank you for all who work at Chirk Leisure Centre and provide such a valuable service to the community; please bless their work and the people who enjoy the facilities provided.

 SUN 16  Let us give thanks for the members of our congregations reading the lessons in the services and ask God to guide and bless them as they seek to convey as clearly as possible the messages of the Holy Scriptures .

MON 17  Thy Kingdom come! On bended knee/the passing ages pray;/and faithful souls have yearned to see/on earth that kingdom’s day.       But the slow watches of the night/not less to God belong;/and for the everlasting right/the silent stars are strong.

TUES 18  As we remember the life and work of St. Luke and give thanks for all he did to spread the Good News, let us ask God to help us use our own different skills and interests in His service.

WED 19  Today, Lord, we pray for all in the medical profession, especially those working in our local hospitals and Health Centre, giving thanks for their knowledge and compassion.  We also commit to you the patients they help and people we know who are ill.

THURS 20  Almighty God our Father, we pray for a useful and stimulating Safeguarding Training session at St. Mary’s today, and ask that our churches might always offer ready effective help and comfort to those in need.

FRID 21 O Lord, we give you thanks for all in our churches who help clean the buildings and make them fit places for worship and fellowship.  Help them to find the time and energy they need for the task.

SAT 22  Let us bring before God everyone who lives and works in the Fron area, and ask Him to bless them; let us also pray that the local businesses and community ventures might flourish and so encourage the area to thrive.

SUN 23  Almighty God our Father, we ask for your presence to be with all at this afternoon’s All Souls Service at St. Mary’s. May they find the comfort of your loving care in the music, words and lights of the occasion.

MON 24  United Nations Day  In a world where conflict seems rife, Lord, we pray that the work of the United nations will bring greater harmony and understanding between nations, and a willingness to work together for peace, justice and the welfare of all peoples.

TUES 25  O Lord, we give thanks for Chirk Town Hall and the opportunities it gives for groups to get together  and so further learning and fellowship and fun. Please bless the organisers and all who attend sessions on offer.

WED 26  Then the King will say to those at his right hand, ‘Come, you that are blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world; for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me. I was naked and you gave me clothing, I was sick and you took care of me, I was in prison and you visited me.’ Matthew 25 34-7

THURS 27  Heavenly Father, we pray for the residents of Chirk Court- for their health, well-being and happiness. Thank you that there are now more opportunities for them to enjoy activities and welcome visitors. We ask that you will guide our churches as we seek to re-start our activities there.

FRID 28  Let us pray for the pupils, staff and governors of our local schools as they reach half-way mark in the Autumn Term.

SAT 29  Thank you, Lord, for all who come along to help keep St. David’s churchyard tidy and attractive. Please bless the session today.

SUN 30  O Lord God, we pray for the ministers and congregations of the churches in the Offa Mission Area. Guide their discussions about their future as all are faced with economic pressures. May today’s United Service be a time of supportive fellowship and enjoyment.

MON 31  On this Halloween, let us ask God to guide all people caught up in the Occult who are experiencing difficult times and long for a safe way forward. Let us thank God that He offers love,  comfort and mercy for all who suffer.

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