October 2021 Prayer Diary

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FRID  1  Loving Lord God, we bring before you people in our area who are blind or who are suffering from deteriorating sight.  We ask that they will receive the help and support they need, and that you will not only bless them but the individuals and organisations which help the poorly sighted.

SAT 2 Mission Area Quiet Day  Heavenly Father, thank you for the fellowship between the churches in the Offa Mission Area.  We pray that you will bless today’s Quiet Day at Llanrhaeadr, and enable all who attend to find spiritual enlightenment and encouragement, renewing fellowship with you and each other.

SUN 3  Harvest Family Service  GenerousLord, we ask you to bless today’s Harvest service , giving thanks that despite all that has been going on in the world, we can still enjoy the fruits of the earth. Yet we pray for people who are unable to access the food and supplies they need and which we so often take for granted.

MON 4  Yesterday was Animal Welfare Sunday.  O Lord our Creator, we give thanks for the wonderful variety of creatures in your world. We pray that people will be more aware of the need to keep and care for all animals, and we ask you to bless all endeavours to rescue and preserve our wild life and to care for hurt and neglected creatures.

TUES 5  After months lacking church and community events and fund-raising ventures, we pray, Lord,  for the return of such gatherings and for their success in the future.   Father Almighty, we pray too for your guidance in the current Covid 19 scenario, both for world leaders and local authorities and individuals.  Thank you for all people who have worked so hard to protect and empower people at risk.

WED 6  Lord, we ask for your blessing to rest on all who live along School Lane in Fron.

THURS 7 Lord, we commit to you our vicar and those who help with services in our churches. Thank you for their ministry. Please grant them the energy, wisdom and inspiration they need as they serve our communities.

FRID 8  Do not love the world or the things in the world.  The love of the Father is not in those who love the world; for all that is in the world- the desire f the flesh, the desire of the eyes, the pride in riches- comes not from the Father but from the world.  And the world and its desire are passing away, but those who do the will of God live for ever.  1 John 2 15-17

SAT 9  Diocesan Conference  Lord, thank you for our Diocesan Conference delegates: may they be inspired and encouraged by the event. Please bless and guide all who will be speaking and helping at the conference.

SUN 10 Homelessness Sunday  Today  O God, we pray for all people who are homeless, not just refugees, migrants and asylum seekers, but those who find themselves homeless in our own country perhaps because of the break up of a relationship, loss of income, drink or drugs. May they find a welcoming place to live and a transformation of their lives. Thank you for all who seek to help these people.

MON 11  As Prisons Week  begins, we pray, O God of Justice and Mercy, for all people in prison, that they will find the chance to start life afresh and resist the temptations so often found in prisons. Please guide the governors and staff at HMP Berwyn, and empower all trying to improve the lot of prisoners and their families

TUES 12  Loving Heavenly Father, we pray for the children in our area and give thanks for the schools and organisations seeking to encourage and help them.  We bring before you the children who come to our churches and pray that their faith and love for you might grow.

WED 13  Let us give thanks for our pastoral visitors and ask God to bless and help them in their support of people who will value their contact.

THURS 14  As Autumn progresses, let us rejoice in the beauty it provides with the changing colours of the leaves, glowing reds of the berries, the emerging shapes of the trees, the sense not just of passing time but of the richness of God’s provision for creatures and humans alike.

FRID 15  Lord, we commit to you the people who live in Yr Helfa, Chirk.

SAT 16 O God, we pray for the opportunity for our churches in Chirk to renew their fellowship with each other in worship and witness.  We ask for your guidance for their leaders and representatives as they hope to plan for future shared commitments.

SUN 17 On this Healthcare Sunday, we remember, O God, that you care for the well-being of each of your children in this world. Please guide and bless all institutions carrying out research so that this might be achieved.

MON 18  St. Luke  Loving Lord God, thank you for the life and witness of St. Luke. We give thanks too for all involved in bringing healing and wholeness to the sick, especially those in our local hospitals and Health Centre. Be with the patients they treat.

TUES 19  Through all the changing scenes of life,/in trouble and in joy,/the praises of my God shall still/my heart and tongue employ.       O magnify the Lord with me,/with me exalt his name;/when in distress to him I called,/he to my rescue came. 

WED 20 Heavenly Father, we pray for the staff and pupils of our local schools, for their health and safety and for guidance as to the effective management of the learning and activities programmes.

THURS 21 Thank you , O Lord, for the Holy Eucharist. We pray for the renewal of the Thursday services and ask that all who attend might know your comfort and blessing.

FRID 22  Let us thank God for the members of our local Fire Brigade, and pray for their safety and skill as they seek to help people in need.

SAT 23  Tomorrow is United Nations Day, so let us ask God to guide member nations and their  leaders in the ways of wisdom and of peace. May all nations grow in understanding of each other and a willingness to work together for good.

SUN 24  Bible Sunday  Lord God Almighty, we give thanks for the Holy Bible and the way its words help us to build our relationship with you and the world, and guide us in our worship and witness. Please bless all organisations which enable people to read The Bible in their own language and which provide Scriptures for people who would not otherwise be able to access them, and also help us to understand what we read.

MON 25  Heavenly Father, may your blessing rest on all the residents and staff of Chirk Court.  We pray for any new residents to settle in well and for their families and friends.  We also pray for a return to our churches’ work with the Court.

TUES 26  O God, we bring before you all who are involved in caring for relatives, friends or neighbours. Thank you for their love and concern, and grant them the time, energy, patience and support which they need.

WED 27  There is no waste in the wasteland   Mike Pilavachi

THURS 28  Almighty God, we pray for all in our area who are unemployed – may they receive the support and guidance they need; we also ask for your blessing on all who are starting new jobs.

FRID 29  O God of love, we pray for your healing power to rest on all whom we  know who are ill, whether at home or in hospital; for those anxiously awaiting appointments or treatments or results; for those undergoing unpleasant therapy , and for people fearful for their future. Comfort and strengthen them, we pray.

SAT 30  Thank you, Creator God, for everyone in our area who works in agriculture or horticulture: we pray for them and their success, and for the support they need to keep going. We commit to you also the Fron Churchyard Group meeting today.

SUN 31  On this Halloween, let us pray for any people caught up in the occult, that they might be released from their involvement and find your true light and hope. Please bless all churches holding alternative celebrations to the usual Halloween traditions.

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