May 2022 Prayer Diary

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The May Prayer Diary, written by Hilary Prescott.

SUN 1  Philip and James Apostles Lord God, we give thanks for the lives and witness of the apostles whose love and commitment to Jesus helped change the world. We pray that our Family Services, like today’s, will remind us of our own calling to follow Jesus and encourage us and young people to love Him more and so help make the world a better place.

MON 2  Lord, we commit to you the members of our Town Council and ask for your blessing on them and all people in our two communities who dedicate their time and skills to making our areas happier and better places in which to live.

TUES 3  On this World Press Freedom Day, Almighty God, we rejoice in those parts of the world where the media are responsible and informative and enlighten us as to the truth, and we pray that you will support them. Yet we bring before you countries where the media and the citizens suffer because the governments suppress and distort the truth and punish all who speak up against this and against injustice and lack of freedom. Bless all who work for the truth , especially those who are suffering for their stance. 

WED 4   Lord God, Ruler of the universe, we commit to you the situation in the Ukraine and Russia and pray for an honourable peace. Please empower all working to help the suffering , and we ask that those who lost so much might know your love. And we also pray for people suffering from violence and injustice in other areas of the world and who might feel forgotten and alone.

THURS 5 Heavenly Father, we pray for the Offa Mission Area and for the Committee Meeting this evening, that it will be a successful event. We also ask for your guidance for our own vicar and curate and give thanks for their work in our churches and community.

FRID 6 Lord, we pray for the guidance of your Holy Spirit at today’s meeting of the St. David’s Church Committee meeting, so that your will is done for the church and community.

SAT 7  Loving Lord God, we commit to you all people we know who are ill, whether in hospital or home, that they might know your healing touch. We remember too all who are affected by Covid-the unwell, those experiencing financial or relationship problems because of the virus. We ask for restoration of health and well-being for them all.

SUN 8 Let us give thanks for members of our congregations who help out with catering after services and at church events, and ask God for his blessing on them and their work.

MON 9 O Lord, we bring before you the staff and pupils of our local schools and pray for success in all they do. We think of pupils taking special examinations and of the staff responsible for their progress.

TUES 10 Thank you, Heavenly Father, for congregation members and people of Chirk who help out with the Mini Markets, giving up precious time and energy to do so; may they know your blessing on them. We pray for the success of the venture.

WED 11 Let us ask God to send his rich blessing on all who live in Ashgrove in Chirk.

THURS 12   I am the good shepherd, I know my own and my own know me, just as my Father knows me and I know the Father. …My sheep hear my voice, I know them and they follow me. I give them eternal life and they will never perish. No one will snatch them out of my hand.  John 10 14,15, 27, 28

FRID 13 Heavenly Father, we give grateful thanks for the Churches in our area and pray for the ministers, leaders and congregations of the Methodist Chapel, Sacred Heart and the Community Church, that they might know your Holy Spirit working among them and your great love.

SAT 14  Heavenly Father, we commit to you the Churches Together Christian Aid Week Coffee Morning today and ask that it will be a happy and well attended event. May it be enabled to give good support to the charity and we pray for all volunteers and people involved in fund-raising events in the coming week.

SUN 15 Thank you, Almighty God for the people in our churches who are willing to read the lessons in our services, and ask that you will help them to put over your messages clearly and effectively.

MON 16  Let us give thanks for all who help organise sports teams and events in Chirk and pray for their success as they help provide health and leisure opportunities for the area.

TUES 17  Loving Lord, we ask you to bless the pastoral visitors as they connect with people in our area and pray that you will guide and empower them in their important work.

WED 18 Let us pray for the well-being of the residents and staff of  Chirk Court, and for any new residents that they might settle in happily. Let us also ask our Lord to be with the families and friends of the residents.

THURS 19 Lord God, we pray for the success of the Dementia Awareness Day at St. Asaph today and for the work of the diocese in promoting care for people and their families affected by dementia.

FRID 20 God is an intelligible sphere whose centre is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.  St. Bonaventure

SAT 21  Let us give thanks for all who give up time and energy to ensure Chirk and Fron look as tidy and attractive as possible, and ask for God’s blessing on them.

SUN 22 As we celebrate this evening at the Chirk Churches Together Christian Aid Service, let us pray for an enthusiastic congregation;  we also pray for the work and witness of Llinos Roberts, the Welsh representative and ask God to bless her and all who work for Christian Aid throughout the world. Let us commit to God all the suffering people who are helped by the charity.

MON 23 Thank you, O God, for the charity Open Doors which monitors and helps all who are suffering persecution for their faith. Please bless their work, and all people throughout the world who are suffering because of their Christian faith and witness.

TUES 24 O Lord, we ask for your blessing on all who live along Woodland Grove in Fron.

WED 25 Lord, we pray for those who run our local Caravan and Holiday Parks and who are involved in tourism in our area. May they know success in their ventures. We pray too for the visitors that they might find relaxation and pleasure in their stay here.

THURS 26  ASCENSION DAY  Almighty God, on this day when we remember Jesus leaving this earthly existence, help us to recall that he told his followers to be witnesses to him and the Kingdom of God to everyone in the world; fill us with your Holy Spirit that we might follow his instructions with confidence and joy.

FRID 27 O God, we give thanks for our churchyard groups, and pray for your blessing on all they do.

SAT 28 God’s Spirit is in my heart./He has called me and set me apart./This is what I have to do,/what I have to do.

He sent me to give /the good news to the poor,/ tell pris’ners that /they are pris’ners no more,/ tell blind people that they can see, /and set the downtrodden free, /and go tell everyone the news/ that the kingdom of God has come,/ and go tell everyone the news/ that God’s kingdom has come.

SUN 29  Thank you, Creator God, for the people who donate and arrange flowers in our churches and so help us offer worthy praise in our services.

MON 30 Loving Lord God, we pray for the staff of our local hospitals ; we ask that you will grant them the patience, energy and skill they need, and the encouragement to carry on in what are and have been tiring and frustrating and difficult times. May they know how much they are loved and valued.

TUES 31 Thank you, Lord, for the staff of Chirk Library and for the service they give to the community. May they receive your blessing on their labours.

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