March 2021 Prayer Diary

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Written by Hilary Prescott:

MON 1  ST. DAVID  On this special day, let us give thanks for the life and ministry of St. David and for the Christians throughout Wales. Let us commit to God the congregation ofSt. David’s in Fron and ask for his blessing on them and on all the churches, their ministers and congregations, in the Offa Mission Area.

TUES 2  Loving Lord God, we ask you to bless all who are involved in the Covid 19 Vaccination programme, the researching, manufacturing, delivering and injecting. We pray for the success of the scheme and its role in bringing health and hope to millions.

WED 3  Today is World Hearing Day, so let us bring before God all who suffer from hearing loss. Lord, we pray that you will bless them and bring them the support and sympathy they need and we ask that when we do hear what people are saying, that we truly listen to them and be prepared to act when necessary.

THURS 4   Creator of the world, we ask that you will guide and empower all the farmers in our area and help them to overcome difficulties. May we all be prepared to support and encourage Britain’s own farmers and food producers, so helping them and our environment.

FRID 5  WOMEN’S WORLD DAY OF PRAYER  O Lord our God, we give thanks for the women of Vanuatu in the South Pacific who have prepared the service celebrated in 170 countries round the world. Please bless them and all who are involved in the service however it has had to be produced this year. We ask that its message of building on a firm foundation will be heard and acted upon so that more people will be empowered to live together in unity, love and prayer whatever their ethnic and cultural background.

SAT 6 Thank you, O God, for all who work hard to keep Chirk tidy and attractive. Grant them the time, energy and resources they need for their work.

SUN 7 Lord God, help us to be aware as we offer up our worship today, whether alone or in a group, of the way we are in fact sharing this time of praise and thanksgiving with other members of our church fellowship and churches in our areawherever and howeverthey are meeting. And thank you that you are with us, as you are always.

MON 8  You never know yourself until you know more than your body. The image of God is not sealed in the features of your face, but in the lineaments of your soul.

A little grit in the eye destroyeth the sight of the very heavens; and a little malice or envy, a world of joy.

A Christian is an oak flourishing in Winter.   Thomas Traherne 1636-74

TUES 9  Lord, we ask for your blessing to rest on all who live in Charles Street, Chirk.

WED 10 O God, we remember that it is a year since lockdowns began and our lives became restricted so that lives might be saved, we pray that you will help guide future decisions about Covid 19 management for the good of your world .

THURS 11 Heavenly Father, we commit to you the governors, staff and pupils of our local schools, and pray for their well-being. We pray especially for children whose education and futures have been badly affected because families have been unable to cope with home schooling.

FRID 12  We give thanks, Lord, for our local hospitals and our Health Centre and their medical and admin staff, and ask that your blessing will rest upon them. We pray too that your spirit of healing and wholeness will be with the patients they treat.

SAT 13 Thank you, Lord, for the members of our Town Council. Help and guide them as they seek to serve the community in these difficult times.

SUN 14 MOTHERING SUNDAY As the roots of this day probably go back to servants able to visit their homes and mothers for a rare holiday, and also the desire of people to visit their mother church,  Heavenly Father, we commit to you all mothers, giving thanks for all they do or did, and ask you to guide and support all who are perhaps struggling with their role or who are suffering from the loss of a child in some way or grieve a child who is ill or in trouble. Thank you too for the Church and our own churches’ fellowships which nurture and guide us in the power of your Holy Spirit.

MON 15  Let us remember today the people we have known and loved who have died , giving thanks for their lives, and pray for strength and comfort for all the bereaved.

TUES 16 All People that on earth do dwell,/sing to the Lord with cheerful voice;/him serve with fear, his praise forth tell,/come ye before him and rejoice.          The Lord, ye know, is God indeed,/without our aid he did us make;/we are his folk, he doth us feed,/and for his sheep he doth us take.

WED 17 ST. PATRICK  Lord God, we pray for the Christians in Ireland and ask you to guide and bless them in their work and worship. Thank you for all they give to their communities and for the witness and life of St. Patrick hundreds of years ago.

THURS 18 Heavenly Father, we pray for all who live along Bee Bank in Fron.

FRID 19 Joseph of Nazareth  O God, we give thanks for Joseph and how his sensitive response to your promptings helped in the life of our Lord Jesus Christ; help us to hear and receive your message to each one of us so that we too may enable Christ’s message to reach the world in a clear and effective way.

SAT 20  Thank you, Heavenly Father, for the ambulance staff and paramedics who often work in difficult circumstances and who perform vital work in saving lives; we commit them to you and ask you to bless them and all they do.

SUN 21 PASSIONTIDE God, who before the Passion of thy only-begotten Son revealed his majesty on the holy mount: grant that we thy servants may see his glory and be strengthened to bear the cross; through the same Jesus Christ our Lord. (collect BCP)

MON 22  Those who love their life lose it, and those who hate their life in this world will keep it for eternal life.. Whoever serves me, must follow me, and where I am, there will my servant be also.  Whoever serves me, the Father will honour. John 12 25-6

TUES 23 Loving Lord God, we pray for Chirk Court, its residents and staff, and ask that the future will soon allow proper contact between the people who live there and their friends and relatives.

WED 24  Almighty God, we have all been affected mentally and physically by the events of the last year; we pray for your love to uphold and strengthen all who have struggled and will struggle mentally to cope. May they also receive the support from family, friends and authorities which they need.

THURS 25 ANNUNCIATION Almighty God, as we think of the story of the momentous meeting of Mary with the Angel Gabriel and the eventual saving impact on the world, we give thanks for her willingness to accept the role you offered her. May we too be alert to what you have to sayto us and be ready to serve you whatever the cost.

FRID 26 As  we come to what is usually the start of the tourist season in the area , Lord, we pray for the businesses and places usually visited and their managers and staff and ask for your blessing on them as they cope with current circumstances.

SAT 27  O God, we pray today for the shops and industries in our area as they seek to make a success of their ventures and ask that you will be with them.

SUN 28 PALM SUNDAY Almighty God our Father, when the crowds cheered Jesus into Jerusalem, they did not know what the future held for him and themselves or how they would react to those events. Lord, neither can we see what lies before us, but help us to rejoice in our Lord and Saviour nevertheless and to hold on to the knowledge that He is with us and acting for us in both the highs and lows of this life and beyond.

MON 29  Let us pray for all who this week know that they face a painful, difficult future and ask God to help them cope as what they dread comes nearer and turns their lives upside down.

TUES 30 Thinking of how Jesus died on the cross because he promoted your kingdom of peace, love and unselfishness, Almighty God our Father, we pray for peace in the world, for greater understanding between nations and groups within countries and an end to greed, violence and power seeking.

WED 31 Let us give God thanks for all who are and have been keeping our churches’ profiles going in the community , whether in personal action and contact or through the Internet. May they receive His rich blessing.

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