July 2022 Prayer Diary

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Our monthly prayer diary written by Hilary Prescott.

FRID 1  Blest are the pure in heart,/for they shall see our God;/the secret of the Lord is theirs,/their soul is Christ’s abode.  Lord, we thy presence seek;/may ours this blessing be:/give us a pure and lowly heart,/a temple meet for thee.

SAT 2  Heavenly Father, we commit to you the clergy from the Offa Mission Area involved in the Ordination Service at St. Asaph, giving thanks for their ministry and asking for your blessing on their future roles in our Mission Area.

SUN 3   ST.THOMAS As we remember and give thanks for the life and witness of Thomas and his search for the truth, let us pray that our churches’ Family Services and work with young people will help encourage their faith and Christian life.

MON 4  Loving Lord God, we pray that your blessing will rest upon all who live in Maes Y Waun, Chirk.

TUES 5  O God, we commit to you Bishop Gregory and ask that you will guide and inspire him as he leads the churches and their communities in the Diocese of St. Asaph.

WED 6  Thank you, Lord, for everyone involved in the Celtic Eventide services: we pray that you will help them as they lead people to reach a deeper understanding of you and of your creation.

THURS 7  Let us today think before God of the people who work in the industries and businesses in our area and pray for the success of their organisations and their own well-being.

FRID 8  Heavenly Father, we commit to you our vicar, curate and lay reader and other helpers, and ask that your Holy Spirit might fill them with your power and love; we pray too for the ministers of the other churches in the Offa Mission Area. We also ask for your blessing on the Memorial Service for Marlene taking place today and give thanks for her life of faith and her dedication to our church and community in so many ways.

SAT 9  We give thanks for all helping at St. David’s Coffee Morning today , and we pray for a successful event which will provide a good contribution towards funding the church’s worship and witness.

Let us also pray for God’s blessings on the staff and pupils of our local schools as they wind down after a busy and difficult year.

SUN 10  SEA SUNDAY  O God, Creator of the universe, we give thanks for the people whose lives and jobs are sea-bound and who keep our country going with exports and imports, fishing; thoseworking on ferries and liners; those whose mission is to defend our country and keep the peace. We pray for their safety and their well-being in what is often a dangerous and  lonely life. May they know your protection. Please bless the work of chaplains who work with seafarers and be with our coastguards and all who work for the RNLI.

MON 11  …the Spirit helps us in our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we ought, but that very Spirit intercedes with sighs too deep for words. And God, who searches the heart, knows what is in the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints according to the will of God.  Romans 8. 26-7

TUES 12 Almighty God, we ask that you will guide and help all attending this evening’s meeting of St. David’s Church Committee. May your will  be done for the church and its community.

WED 13  Lord God, thank you for all who organise the groups and events which take place at Chirk Town Hall; we pray that they might know your blessing, as well as the people who attend the sessions.

THURS 14  O Lord, we commit to you the Mission Area Committee Meeting taking place this evening at St. Mary’s. We give thanks for all the representatives and pray that the meeting will prove a fruitful one for the area.

FRID 15  Almighty Father, we commit to you all who live along Methodist Hill in Fron and ask that they might know your blessing.

SAT 16  Let us give God thanks for the people who belong to St. Mary’s Social Committee and who work so hard to organise events and ensure they are successful. May He bless them in their important work.

SUN 17  Today the Church is focusing on Disability Awareness so let us pray for all people who have some sort of disability to contend with in their lives and pray that they receive the help and encouragement they need. Let us also commit to God the third session of Explore taking place in St. Mary’s today and pray that the young people attending might learn more about the world they live in and God’s part in it.

MON 18  Heavenly Father, we commit to your loving care all children helped by the NSPCC, and ask you to guide and empower the people who work for the organisation and those who volunteer their help with fund-raising.

TUES 19  O God, thank you for our churches’ Treasurer and our Gift Aid Representative and their work in helping us keep going effectively.  May they be granted the time and energy needed for their vital roles in the maintaining the success of our worship and work.

WED 20  Lord, there is so much going on in the world that might lead us to a lack of hope for the future and the feeling we are living in a world of fear and darkness; help us to look about us and see the beauties and riches in the ordinary everyday things of life and the world around us and so appreciate them and the goodness manifested in our friends and neighbours . All suffused with your power and love.

THURS 21  I asked for power that I might have the praise of men; /I was given weakness that I might feel the need of God./I asked for all things that I might enjoy life; /I was given life that I might enjoy all things./I got nothing that I asked for,/but everything I hoped for./Almost despite myself, my unspoken prayers were answered./I am, among all men, richly blessed.  Second part of ‘prayer’ of a Confederate Soldier 1860s.

FRID 22  MARY MAGDALENE  Thank you, O Lord, for Mary and the other faithful and inspiring women who were disciples of Jesus and part of the early church. We also give thanks for the women now in the world-wide Church , not just the ministers and missionaries, but all who in their churches and families keep the Christian faith and life alive , often in difficult circumstances.

SAT 23  Thank you, O Lord, for all who volunteer to lead groups connected with the Scouts and Guides movement. Please help them in their useful work and encourage the young people who belong to the groups in our area.

SUN 24  Let us give thanks for the members of our churches who act as stewards and sidespeople, and ask God to bless them and their work.

MON 25 ST. JAMES THE APOSTLE  As we remember and give thanks for the life and witness of St. James, let us thank God for the privilege we enjoy of knowing and being with Jesus in our own lives, and ask Him to help us be worthy of that loving relationship.

TUES 26  Heavenly Father, we bring before you any families who are considering the baptism of a child or family member, that they might grow in their commitment to this step and come to know you and love you  better.

WED 27  Lord, thank you for all Chirk Court offers people who have left homes and families for a new way of life. Please bless the staff and be with the residents, especially those who might be finding life a struggle.

THURS 28  O God, almighty ruler of the universe, we pray for peace in our troubled world ; for the relief of those who are affected by the violence around them, and for your guidance of the leaders responsible for sorting out the problems. Please bless everyone who in any way is working to provide help for the victims.

FRID 29  Loving Lord God, we bring before you all whom we know who are ill and pray for your healing touch upon them. We also ask you to bless the patients in our local hospitals and empower the staff who are working for their healing in body and mind.

SAT 30  Let us pray for a good turn out for the community session working in St. David’s churchyard, and ask God to bless the team and their endeavours.

SUN 31 Lord, we pray for our church organists who so enrich our worship, and give you thanks for their skill and dedication . Please send your blessing on them. And we also pray for the Butterfly Bereavement Service at St. Mary’s this afternoon and ask that all attending might find in it, strength and comfort.

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