July 2021 Prayer Diary

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This month’s prayer diary, written by Hilary Prescott.

THURS 1  Heavenly Father, while yet again the International Eisteddfod has been cancelled, we nevertheless give thanks for the event and the joy and promotion of unity it has created in the past. Thank you too for all involved- the competitors, the organisers and volunteers, and we pray for them and for the return of the occasion next year.

FRID 2   Lord, we commit to you our vicar and curate and ask you to bless and guide them in their work for your church. Thank you too for our lay reader and retired clergy who help maintain our worship and community spirit.

SAT 3  ST.THOMAS  Thank you, O Lord, for the ministry of Thomas and the way that even today his doubts and questioning give reassurance to all who feel the need to explore their faith further. Please guide and inspire such searchers, we pray, and help them to know they are loved as they are. We pray especially today for those whose search has led them to seek ordination and who will be ordained deacon in St. Asaph, remembering Patrick Williams ex Lay Chair of the Offa Mission Area and the two ordinands who have also been helping out in the MA.

SUN 4  Heavenly Lord, we give thanks for the Holy Eucharist and the sense it gives us of belonging to our Christian community, and its constant renewal of our faith in Christ and his love for us.

MON 5  Let us give thanks for all who serve on Wrexham County Council and Chirk Town Council. Lord, please guide and encourage them in their discussions and decisions for the good of the community.

TUES 6   Let us pray for the staff of Chirk Leisure Centre and for all who use this facility.

WED 7  Loving Lord God, we ask for your blessing on all who live on Methodist Hill in Fron.

THURS 8  Remembering Chirk Friendship Group, let us give thanks for its members and the way their gatherings have celebrated the joy of friendship within the community. We pray, Lord, that these friendships will remain. Help us to be good friends and neighbours.

FRID 9  The Lord is near. Do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.  Philippians 4  6,7

SAT 10  Lord God, we thank you for the secretaries of our churches and ask you to bless them and give them the time and energy they need for their important task.

SUN 11SEA SUNDAY  As we celebrate Sea Sunday, Lord, we pray for all whose livelihood depends on the sea; for the Royal Navy and Marines; for fishermen struggling to make ends meet in the face of large scale commercial operations; for those separated for long periods from family and friends; for the RNLI and coastguards who protect sailors and our shores; for chaplains who care for all these people. Help us all to take more care to promote the cleanliness of sea and shore and their wildlife.

MON 12 Relieve Thou, O God, each one in suffering on land or sea, in grief or wounded or weeping, and lead them to the house of thy peace this night.  Ancient Celtic prayer

TUES 13  Lord, we ask for your blessing on any fund-raising ventures we might be able to hold over the next few months to help in our work for church and community.  We give thanks for the generosity of people over the past year as they offer support for church and charity.

WED 14 O God, thank you for the loyalty and hard work of those who have kept our churches clean so we can meet and worship safely and happily. Please send your blessing on them.

THURS 15  Heavenly Father, we give thanks for all who work for the NSPCC, and for the volunteers who raise funds for their important work with children in need. We pray too for the young people they help. May your blessing rest on them all.

FRID 16  O God our Father, it is easy to forget that our relationship with you, our Creator, Judge and Ruler, is nevertheless one also of parent and child and we part of your great family and the family of the church. We pray for any children who will have been baptised in our churches over the last two years and for their families: may they come to know your love and care for them more and more.

SAT 17  Let us thank God for the  re-introduction of Sunday Club and pray for the team and for the youngsters, asking that the venture will really flourish in the coming year.

SUN 18  On this Disability Awareness Sunday, let us give thanks for the way  so many people who have some problem, large or small,  overcome their difficulties and make a rich contribution to the world, and let us  pray that they will gain the support and encouragement they need.

MON 19  Almighty God, we pray that all the churches in the Chirk and Fron area, and those in the Offa Mission Area, might flourish, gaining strength and hope from our relationship with each other, and with you.

TUES 20  Our blest Redeemer, ere he breathed/his tender last farewell,/a Guide, a Comforter, bequeathed/with us to dwell.

Spirit of purity and grace,/our weakness, pitying, see:/O make our hearts thy dwelling place,/and worthier thee.

WED 21 Holy Lord, we remember before you the people we know and love who have died, and give thanks for their contribution to our lives. We pray for your comfort to rest on all who are bereaved, that they might find your strength and light in their weakness and darkness.

THURS 22 MARY MAGDALENE O Lord God, may we, like Mary, not be afraid to express our love and loyalty to our Saviour and Friend, even if our Christian Faith is scorned by some people. May we too recognise His presence in our lives and be ready to share that experience with others.

FRID 23 Heavenly Father, we pray that we might now be able to gather in person for church meetings and events and so celebrate our fellowship in your name. We pray for courage and wisdom in the way we meet and a sense of your blessing on us.

SAT 24 Lord, we ask for your blessing to rest on all who live in Telford Rise, Chirk.

SUN 25 JAMES the APOSTLE  Lord, thank you for the life and witness of James. Thank you too for all who down the ages have served you faithfully, often unrecognised and not remembered, yet who are never forgotten by you.

MON 26  Loving Lord God, we commit to you the staff of our local hospitals , that they might be blessed and strengthened with your Spirit of Healing. May the patients they treat know renewal of health of body and mind.

TUES 27  Lord, we pray for all who work at Chirk Castle, whether paid or voluntary, and we give thanks for the pleasure they and their environment give to so many people.

WED 28  Thank you, Almighty God, for our local police; we ask you to guide and so bless them in their important work for our communities.

THURS 29  Let us pray for the people who run the Caravan Park in Chirk, and for all the holiday makers who come to stay. May the latter be refreshed by their visits.

FRID 30 Creator and Ruler of the world, we can be overwhelmed by the scale of pain and horror experienced by so many of your children in your world, and the way, as the psalmists noted, that the evil and corrupt seem to have the upper hand. Yet we give thanks that your love and care are evident ,shown in the people who do their best to bring hope and healing, justice and joy, to the suffering, and in the beauties of the world around us.

SAT 31  Let us remember before God, people who for various reasons , despite what are the improvements brought about by vaccinations and greater freedoms allowed, are still unable or afraid to venture out.  Let us ask God to strengthen and comfort them and give them hope.

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