December 2020 Prayer Diary

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The prayer diary is written by our worship leader, Hilary Prescott.

TUES 1 WORLD AIDS DAY Although at the moment our minds might be more focused on people suffering from the Coronavirus, let us not forget people suffering from other illnesses and conditions and bring them before God too.

WED 2 Lord, we ask that your Holy Spirit might empower our vicar and Offa Mission Area ministers as they cope with the demands of Advent and Christmas , albeit of a different nature from usual. Help them to remind all people in their areas that although circumstances might be different, the Good News of Christmas is as real as ever.

THURS 3  Almighty God, in this time of uncertainty, with constantly changing predictions of virus scenarios and consequently rules about behaviour and contacts , help us to cope and to be aware of how we can help others to cope. May we know in our hearts that we can always be sure of you and your unchanging love and power.

FRID 4 Let us commit to our Lord the patients and staff of our local hospitals, especially thinking of those who will be working over Christmas and the patients who will be away from family and friends at a time when being with those whom we love and who love us is what we long for.

SAT 5 This Saturday is usually devoted to Messy Carols, linked with the turning of Chirk Lights, so let us give thanks for allmembers of our churches who usually do so much to nurture children and their families in their journey of faith, and pray for them, and for the families of Chirk that they might know the spiritual reality of Christmas and its happiness.

SUN 6 We give thanks, O God, for our churchwardens and stewards who have done so much to keep the life of our churches functioning. We ask for your blessing on them as they face the demands of the Christmas season.

MON 7  Let us pray for the members of our pastoral visitors team , that although they cannot visit people , they can continue to bring comfort and hope to those who need it at this time.

TUES 8 Lord, we bring before you and ask you to bless all who live in Yr Helfa in Chirk.

WED 9  Loving Lord God, we pray for the staff and pupils of our local schools: for their safety and well-being and for a happy and productive end of term despite the conditions.

THURS 10  HUMAN RIGHTS  DAY Almighty God, we know that over the last year or two, we have been made very aware of the failure of many people to recognise their unfair treatment of their fellow human beings. Thank you that we too have been challenged to look at our own attitudes towards issues like religion, race, gender, environment and freedom of speech. Guide us, we pray, in our behaviour and help us to make your world a fairer and happier place, and to do so in a way which is according to your will.

FRID 11 Loving Lord God, we ask for your healing touch to rest upon all whom we know who are ill, and the sick in our own area: may they find wholeness of body and mind and know hope renewed.

SAT 12  Heavenly Father, thank you for all in our congregations who have been responsible for cleaning our churches before and after worship; may they know your blessing.

SUN 13 O Lord, we give thanks for our church communities and all we gain from the fellowship: help us, even in these difficult circumstances, to see what we can do to act as a friend to the members. Today we commit to you all those who are not with us as we worship and ask for your blessing on them.

MON 14 In this strange life we grow through adversity rather than success. The greatest lessons we have to learn are those concerned with loss, not gain.

We can do nothing if we hate ourselves, or feel that all our actions are doomed to failure because of our own worthlessness.  We have to take ourselves, good and bad alike, on trust before we can do anything.

Revd Martin Israel 

TUES 15 Let us pray for the children who have links with our churches and for their families, that they might continue to grow in faith and love for you, knowing your love for them.

WED 16 O God, we know that catering establishments and businesses in our area have suffered greatly because of lockdowns, and we pray that you will bless them and enable them to survive and do well, especially over this period which is usually a very productive time for them.

THURS 17 Lord, we pray for your blessing on all who live along Alma Road in Fron.

FRID 18 Loving Lord God, we pray for the staff and residents of Chirk Court and for all families who have to been unable to be close to loved ones in residential care for so long. We bring before you all who are missing human contact this Christmas season.

SAT 19 Thank you , O God, for our local funeral directors; we ask you to bless them in their work. We pray too for all who are recently bereaved and all who will mourn over this Christmas time.

SUN 20  Let us pray for the congregations and ministers of the different churches in Chirk, that they might know the power and reassurance of the ‘Comforter’, the Holy Spirit, in their work and worship. May this Christmas time bring us all a special sense of God’s presence in our midst.

MON 21 Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. For darkness shall cover the earth and thick darkness the peoples; but the Lord will arise upon you, and his glory will appear over you. ISAIAH 60 1-2

TUES 22  Let us commend to God all charitable organisations at a  time when so many are suffering because of lack of funds and support; may they be granted the resources they need to carry on your work of love and care. We particularly pray for the upholding of any local charities.

WED 23  O Lord of goodness and beauty, we think of the way our churches are usually full of flowers and decorations over Christmas and we give thanks for all who have provided material and arrangements. Although we may now not be able to celebrate the joy of Christ’s birth in quite the same way, may we dedicate to you the offerings of our own worship and prayer , that they might be beautiful in their own way.

THURS 24 Almighty God our Father, we pray for the special services our churches are offering today and tomorrow, and even though these are not as traditionally experienced , may all who lead them and all who attend be filled with joy and peace and sense that truly- Emmanuel, God is with us.

FRID 25 CHRISTMAS DAY  Almighty God, you have given us your only-begotten Son to take our nature upon him and as at this time to be born of a pure virgin: grant that we, who have been born again and made your children by adoption and grace, may daily be renewed by your Holy Spirit; through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord. Amen (collect)

SAT 26  ST. STEPHEN  As we remember the story of the martyrdom of Stephen, the first Christian martyr, let us bring before God all who even now are suffering for their faith, even to the point of death. Lord, we ask you to grant them strengthened faith, courage, and relief from their suffering, and may they know your presence with them upholding them.

SUN 27  ST. JOHN THE EVANGELIST  Merciful Lord, cast your bright beams of light upon the Church: that, being enlightened by the teaching of your blessed apostle and evangelist St. John, we may so walk in the light of your truth that we may at last attain to the light of everlasting life. Amen (collect)

MON 28 HOLY INNOCENTS  Heavenly Father, we pray for all children who are suffering in some way, especially those who are victims of human cruelty or apathy. We ask for their release from their pain of body and mind and also ask you to empower all people working to better the condition of children in need.

TUES 29  Good Christians all, rejoice/with heart and soul and voice!/Now ye need not fear the grave:/Peace! Peace!/Jesus Christ was born to save;/calls you one and calls you all,/ to gain his everlasting hall:/Christ was born to save,/Christ was born to save.

WED 30 Creator God, we commit to you all in our area who are working on the land; we pray for success in their ventures and a sense of hope for their future.

THURS 31 As we looking back on the year, let us give thanks for the good we have witnessed, and ask God’s forgiveness for what we ourselves have done wrong and for the failings of others. Lord, may the world learn from its errors and its sorrows and also from the goodness witnessed and the joys felt even in the midst of fear and uncertainty .  In the year ahead may we put to good use what we have experienced, guided by your love and the Holy Spirit.

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