August 2021 Prayer Diary

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Written by Hilary Prescott

SUN 1 Heavenly Father, we give thanks for those involved in helping at St. Mary’s Sunday Club, and ask you to bless and guide them. We also pray for the children who attend and for their continued enthusiasm.

MON 2 Almighty God, we bring before you the staff at our local hospitals and Health Centre, and ask you to guide and energise them in their work. We also pray for the patients cared for and ask for the renewal of their health of body, mind and spirit.

TUES 3 Thank you, Lord, for the people who run our local sports teams and organisations and so bring health and pleasure to so many. We pray for the success of their ventures and for the leaders and the players.

WED 4 Lord God, thank you for our churchwardens and for the considerable time and energy they devote to your service and the good of our communities. We pray that you will bless them in their important work.

THURS 5 Heavenly Father, may your Spirit rest upon our vicar, curate and other helpers in their ministry. Bless and guide them as they seek to help us in our worship and journey of faith.

FRID 6 TRANSFIGURATION Father in heaven, whose Son Jesus Christ was wonderfully transfigured before chosen witnesses upon the holy mountain, and spoke of the exodus he would accomplish at Jerusalem: give us strength so to hear his voice and bear our cross that in the world to come we may see him as he is; who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen (Collect)

SAT 7 The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it, the world and those who live in it. Psalm 24.v.1

SUN 8 O God, we rejoice that we have a skilled team of bell ringers who ring our church bells on Sundays and other occasions, giving pleasure and reminding everyone of your presence and your church in the community.

MON 9 As clergy and congregations look towards the future well-being of the churches in the Offa Mission Area, we pray for wisdom, commitment and enthusiasm as we seek to implement the Mission Area Plan and so improve our worship, witness and mission.

TUES 10 Loving Lord, we ask for your blessing to fall on all who live in Richmond Gardens, Chirk.

WED 11 Let us ask God to guide and help all involved in our local businesses as they aim to renew success in their ventures, especially where they have been affected by Covid 19 restrictions.

THURS 12 Loving Father God, we pray for all the housebound in our area and ask that they will find the support, comfort and confidence they need, especially if they feel lonely, depressed or frustrated.

FRID 13 Let us thank God for the skill and enthusiasm of the two Churchyard Groups and ask him to bless them and their endeavours.

SAT 14 Lord, we commit to you those who work at Chirk Library and pray that as time goes on, they will find their work easier and be able to help the community as they have always done.

SUN 15 ST. MARY Almighty God, who looked upon the lowliness of the Blessed Virgin Mary and chose her to be the mother of your only Son: grant that we who are redeemed by his blood may share with her in the glory of your eternal kingdom; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen (Collect)

MON 16 Loving Lord, we pray for your blessing on the staff and residents of Chirk Court, and pray for wisdom as they face the future and the need to adapt and yet move forward.

TUES 17 The church’s one foundation/is Jesus Christ , her Lord;/she is his new creation,/by water and the word;/from heav’n he came and sought her/to be his holy bride,/with his own blood he bought her,/and for her life he died.

WED 18 Heavenly Father, we pray for all involved in Chirk Community Newsletter and give thanks for them and their work. We ask that it will not be long before we can receive our copies again and rejoice in the activities it records.

THURS 19 Dear Lord, we bring before you all whom we know who are unwell, that they might be restored in body, mind and spirit. We pray too for those anxious about Covid connections and tests and results- that they might know your peace.

FRID 20 O God, may your blessing rest on all who live along Holyhead Rd in Fron.

SAT 21 We give thanks, O God, for all who belong to the Ambulance service in our area- for the drivers, paramedics and First Responders. Please help them in their wonderful work and keep them safe.

SUN 22 VICTIMS OF VIOLENCE BASED ON RELIGION SUNDAY Almighty God, how it must distress you when people act badly towards those of different faiths, most of whom are on the same journey as we are – to seek, find and serve you . We pray for all who suffer violence and persecution because of their love for you. Grant them courage, protection, and a sense of your ongoing loving presence.

MON 23 SLAVERY MEMORIAL DAY As we remember the millions of people of all races and cultures who have endured slavery in the centuries which have gone by, let us pray for people round the world ,who even now are trafficked, treated like slaves and in inhumane ways. Let us ask our loving Father to bless them and help all organisations and individuals working to relieve the suffering and stop the problem.

TUES 24 BARTHOLOMEW Almighty and everlasting God, you gave Bartholomew the grace of faith and the willingness to share that faith, we pray that all of us who are members of that same church may also declare our faith with clarity and courage in word and deed.

WED 25 The best prayers have often more groans than words.. John Bunyan

THURS 26 Lord God, we bring before you the staff preparing for the new term at our local schools, and pray too for their pupils, especially those who will be new to their school.

FRID 27 Heavenly Father, we pray for the men in HMP Berwyn, and bring before you their families. May your Holy Spirit guide and bless the staff and in particular, the chaplains.

SAT 28 Let us ask God to guide and encourage all in our Mission Area and diocese who are thinking of Confirmation, and families considering baptism of a child.

SUN 29 Thank you, Lord, for everyone in the past months and in the future providing flowers for our churches, thus making our services feel more normal and more beautiful.

MON 30 BANK HOLIDAY Lord, we give thanks for the beauty of our area and its natural and historical attractions. We pray for the places and the people who will be welcoming visitors and for their success in the holiday period.

TUES 31 Thank you , Lord, for our pastoral visitors team. We pray for them and for our new Pastoral Chaplain who will be helping them in their important work in the community.

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