In Memoriam

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From the Rev’d Matt Wilkinson:

As a church it has been a tough week for all of us. We have lost Marlene, one of our dearest members. As a lifelong member she was so central to our church family. She was a true Christian and a great friend to many in our church and the wider community. We will never forget her cheerful disposition and her kindness to others. Marlene was always smiling and she truly would do anything for anyone. Jesus commanded us to go the extra mile and Marlene certainly did that.

When Jesus was talking about people being like good grain he was talking about someone who truly hears God’s work and lives it out in his / her life. This is a perfect description of Marlene. She is a shining example to us all of what it means to be a Christian. Today we give thanks for a life truly blessed by God. She did not keep those blessings to herself but shared them with so many people. Marlene we trust you are safe in the loving arms of God.

Photograph copyright Martin Brown LRPS

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