May Prayer Diary

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The prayer diary is written by our Worship Leader, Hilary Prescott.

FRID 1 PHILIP AND JAMES  Lord, we give thanks for the courageous witness of these members of the early church and for the witness of many Christians today in difficult circumstances, and we ask you to bless these people and be with them. Thank you for the work of our vicar, curate and lay reader; may your Holy Spirit comfort and guide them in all they do.

SAT 2  Let us commit to our loving God all who act as carers in our community and amongst our own families and friends, asking for his peace, strength and love to empower them so that they can bring the support needed to those for whom they care.

SUN 3 Today is World Press Day, so let us pray for all who work for the Press, that they might portray the truth, uphold God’s standards and help to promote a world dedicated to justice, integrity and love.

MON 4  Lord, we ask for your blessing to rest on all who live in Castle Road, Chirk.

TUES 5  Thank you, O God, that we can worship you fittingly in so many ways; we pray for your blessing on all in our Mission Area who take services, whether on a Sunday or for special occasions or for different styles of worship such as the Celtic Services. May your Holy Spirit inspire them and congregations be enriched by their efforts.

WED 6 Heavenly Father, we pray for the well- being of all who are studying for examinations at this time, that they might work with determination and confidence and so gain success.

THURS 7  Almighty God, we thank you that in Jesus we have a loving friend and we also give thanks for our own friends and their vital part in our lives.  Help us to be a good friend too. We pray that the Chirk Friendship Group might bring comfort and encouragement to all who attend the meetings.

FRID 8 Bank Holiday  Lord, we give thanks for the chance in our lives to enjoy relaxation and we pray for all whose circumstances mean there is little opportunity to rest or have fun. We pray for all people who are feeling disappointed because they have had to miss out on holidays they had planned this year or people and areas they had planned to visit. We ask that people involved in tourism in our area might not suffer unduly from the current restrictions, and that they might recover well once normal life resumes.

SAT 9 O God our Father, we pray for all who at this time are mourning the loss of loved ones, and ask that you will guide the funeral directors and those people who are taking part in funeral services .

SUN 10 Christian Aid Week  Loving Lord God, we give thanks for the people who work for Christian Aid and ask that you will bless them in their important work, whether they operate in offices, out on the field abroad or acting as volunteers during this fund-raising week. We pray that you will continue to bless the work of the charity and pray that funding and the efforts of all involved in the charity will not suffer and that people will want to give generously all through the year.

MON 11 King of glory, King of peace,/I will love thee;/and that love may never cease, I will move thee./ Thou hast granted my request,/ thou hast heard me/ thou didst note my working breast,/ thou hast spared me.

TUES 12  Almighty God, we pray for all who have been affected by the CoronaVirus over the last months and ask that you will guide and bless all who are helping to counteract its effects.

WED 13  Let us commit to God the churches of the Offa Mission Area, their ministers and congregations, and pray that their worship and mission will be blessed now and in the future, whatever form they take.

THURS 14 Lord, we pray for your blessing to rest on all who live along Woodland Road in Fron.

FRID 15  Heavenly Father, we commit to you the charity our church supports: Open Doors. May their work to tell people about the scale and nature of religious persecution be blessed with success. Help all who are victims of such persecution and grant them the reassurance of your presence with them.

SAT 16  Lord, we ask that although  the Chirk Churches Together Christian Aid Coffee Morning in conjunction with the Gardening Club might be postponed, you will guide the organisers as to when best to hold the Christian Aid events.

SUN 17  Lord, we give thanks that our local churches have such close  fellowship together, and we pray that we will continue to bring each other before you in love.

MON 18  This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. Let us pray for all who are experiencing mental health problems, that they might be given the support, reassurance and understanding they need, and so find confidence, hope and peace in their lives.

TUES 19  Thank you, O God, for our churches’ efforts to help people and their families living with dementia. Please help us in our mission, that our support might grow in breadth and value. We pray for all we those know and people in our area whose lives are affected by dementia.

WED 20  Give liberally , and be ungrudging when you do so, for on this account the Lord your God will bless you in all your work and in all you undertake.  Since there will never cease to be some in need on earth , I therefore command you, ‘Open your hand to the poor and needy  neighbour in your land.’

Deuteronomy 15 v.10-11

THURS 21 Ascension Day Lord Jesus, we rejoice that although you are no longer on this earth, yet you are with us through your Holy Spirit and in our hearts. We give thanks too that we can experience your hands and your feet and your love in the actions of those around us.

FRID 22  Let us bring before our Heavenly Father the pupils and staff of our local schools and pray that our churches will develop strong links with them. Let us also pray for the developing success of our Sunday Club and for guidance about Messy Church.

SAT 23  Lord God, we pray for the couple who had arranged to be married today at St. Mary’s and ask for your blessing on their life together. We also commit to you all couples whose plans for marriage have had to be altered.

SUN 24  Thank you, Almighty Father, for our sidespeople and the welcome they bring to our congregations and visitors. May your blessing rest upon them.

MON 25  Let us pray for the success of the businesses in Chirk and Fron and for the well-being of their managers and staff.

TUES 26  Let us give God thanks for the members of St. Mary’s Social Committee and for those at St. David’s who fulfil the same function, and ask Him to guide and bless them in all they do.

WED 27  Heavenly Father, who loves each one of us despite our failings and weaknesses, we pray for all the men at HMP Berwyn- that they might be able to turn their lives around and find fulfilment in what is good and true. We also ask you to watch over their families. May the staff and chaplains of the prison be blessed and guided in their sensitive work.

THURS 28  O Lord, forgive what I have been, sanctify what I am, and order what I shall be.  Thomas Wilson 1663-1755

FRID 29  Lord God, help us not to take our churchwardens for granted in all the wonderful work they do for our churches. Grant them the time, energy and wisdom they need for their ministry and pour your blessings on them.

SAT 30  Let us pray for the staff who work at the Caravan Park in Chirk when it is open and for the holiday makers who stay there.

SUN 31 WHITSUNDAY  Come, O Spirit of God, and make within us your dwelling place and home. May our darkness be dispelled by your light, and our troubles calmed by your peace; may all evil be redeemed by your love, all pain transformed through the suffering of Christ, and all dying glorified in his risen life. Amen
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