Churchyard February News Update

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A total of 14 species and the highlight was a male Blackcap in the silver birch on the raised embankment adjacent to the hall.  The Blackcap is predominantly a summer migrant that breed here. Look up British Trust for Ornithology for more information.

This month’s survey took place on 6th February 2020, 08:05 – 09:00:

Blackcap1 male
Blue Tit5
Carrion Crow2
Collared Dove3
Great Tit 4
House Sparrow2
Magpie 2
Song Thrush1
Wren 2

The churchyard team have been busy edging and clearing the paths and edging and mulching the shrubs. The Snowdrops and crocuses are looking fabulous at present.

Blackcap by Tony Hisgett from Birmingham, UK / CC BY (
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