Churchyard October update news

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Kitt’s monthly bird survey 5.10.2019 at 08:15 – 09:10 

Species recorded (Birds): 13 

Blackbird (7) Blue Tit (6) Carrion Crow (3) Dunnock (2)
Great Spotted Woodpecker (1) Great Tit (4) Jackdaw (8)
Jay (1) Long-tailed Tit (8) Magpie (1) Nuthatch (3) Robin (2) Woodpigeon (15) 

The team has been busy cutting the Cornfield annual wild flower bed and we have collected a lot of seed for next year.

We have been edging and clearing the paths. Some of us have been cutting the buddleias and roses by one third to protect them from damage during the winter months.

The large compost area has been turned and looks great quality compost. This will be used for mulching around plants and shrubs over the winter.

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