Churchyard April News Update

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April bird survey done by Kit Twigg. 06/04/2019 07:20 – 08:24
The complete of species (birds) recorded:

  • Blackbird (6)
  • Blue Tit (6)
  • Carrion Crow (4)
  • Chiffchaff (2)
  • Collared Dove (1)
  • Dunnock (1)
  • Goldfinch (5)
  • Great Tit (3)
  • Greenfinch (3)
  • Jackdaw (7)
  • Pheasant (1)
  • Robin (4)
  • Woodpigeon (8)

The Churchyard AGM was held on Friday 5th April.

The Churchyard Team organized a First Aid Course held last Friday 12thApril. 20 people were taught how to deal with minor and major medical situations, including recognizing heart attacks, strokes and how to use a defibrillator. Effie Cadwallader, a First Responder in St Martins, was excellent at teaching us and then we enjoyed homemade cake and tea.

All the trees in the churchyard have been inspected by an arbor culturist (Stephen Cutmore). We will use this as a guide line for our maintenance of the trees.The grass has been cut at different heights around the area. This is to keep some parts low cut and some areas long grass for the wild perennial flowers and invertebrates to thrive. Logs with holes drilled into them have been made for bees and insects. These will be put around the churchyard. The annual wild meadow flower bed near the central path has been dug over and will be sown with fresh seed this year. Look out for: Primroses, cowslips, blue bells, snakehead fritillaria and yellow dog toothed violet (Erythronium pagoda) See below.

Erythronium pagoda

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