Chirk Remembers Len Hewittson

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27th May  1932 – 21st October 2021

Len worked as a volunteer with many people over many years at St Mary’s churchyard in Chirk and Chirk station.

Len was a very private person, shy, intelligent and inquisitive. We all looked up to him and would ask his advice, listen to his wisdom, views on local and national politics and ideas on life and the universe.

He quietly taught us his way to take cuttings, prune shrubs and trees, plant bulbs, clear paths and mow grass. He guided us on the use of correct tools for a particular job. He taught us to stand back and think things through before diving into projects. 

His favourite expression was ‘As you like”! But if we pressed him further for his opinion, he’d share his thoughts and expertise.

He was an invaluable member of the churchyard team and never wanted to miss a Friday afternoon, even if torrential rain or snow was forecast. We often had to ask him to have a day off. ‘Why’ he’d say!

Len had an excellent memory and he would be able to locate a family grave for a visitor (He knew most of the families in Chirk)!

The team spent many happy hours together with Len. He had such a dry sense of humour and many a time we were in fits of giggles. 

He had a slow and steady pace to life. Stopping to inspect trees, shrubs, plants, birds and butterflies, and discussing any jobs that needed to be done.

Best of all he loved to sit, watch and listen to the world around him.

At the end of the afternoon, he’d always ask if we needed help to carry items back to the car. A real gentleman.

I can safely say that the whole churchyard team will always have fond memories of him and we will miss his hard work and cheeky smile each week. 

Len Hewittson. Photograph copyright Martin Brown LRPS. All rights reserved.
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