August Churchyard News Update

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Kath and Ferelith attended the ‘Green Flag’ (Keep Wales Tidy) awards held in Wrexham last week. We are very proud to be presented with the award by the Wrexham Mayor once again.

The team has started to cut the long grass in 3 different areas in the churchyard. We will leave any perennial flowers for the insects and butterflies to feed on during the rest of the summer.

The annual ‘cornfield’ mixed boarder is looking fabulous at present. Come and see it and sit and enjoy. The wildlife is also loving the nectar rich flowers.

The Toddler flower planter is looking good with geraniums and large sunflowers.

Kath got up very early and joined Kitt to do the monthly Bird Watch survey. 03/08/2019 06:30-07:45!

Blue tit 2
Carrion Crow4
Collared dove2
Gold crest 1
Greater spotted woodpecker1
Great tit 1
Green finch1
Robin 2
Wood pigeon6
Photograph of wild flowers in the churchyard
Wild flowers in St Mary’s Churchyard
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